Going with the difference in decoration

Many designers seek differentiation and try to create a variety of designs each time they design. Beyond imagination, there is no end. Designers also need materials that can bring imagination to life in the real world. So the design of the present world is more diverse than in the past. Because the world is trying to produce material. It is designed to meet the needs of the broader design industry and design work in Thailand as well. The company has created many products to meet the needs of many construction projects, both inside and outside the building.

“Glass Block Elephant” BANGKOK CRYSTAL’s glass block is another design that can be produced domestically. Khun Suk Kham, Marketing Division Manager of BANGKOK CRYSTAL, told us, “Glass block products of” Elephant Glass Block “focus on the usage patterns. Today’s consumers want to use a glass block rather than just a lightbox, so the glass block of an elephant block glass. It has been adapted to a wide range of applications and takes into account the aesthetics of glass block design. There are many different patterns, special techniques, and sandblasting. Colorful patterns. On-demand In addition, the company is a leader in the installation equipment. Effective and focused after-sales technical services are important. “

BANGKOK CRYSTAL glass block glass products have the concept of using glass block products to decorate the house in terms of structure, exterior design. Add a new perspective. Architectural Design It also applies to interior design for aesthetics and helps solve the problems. In the design work. Wall The area is clear and the problem is narrow. Khun Suk said, “In addition to structural work. In addition, the application of more furniture-related applications, such as Square Vase, has been expanded to include new applications for glass block applications. This adds a lot of color to the design. “


Our Virtual Library

Surat Library Osmanthus Bangkok University Rangsit Campus The library is a virtual library and research center. The library is a source of information. Students are encouraged to explore the library’s 24-hour Internet access via their home computer to develop their virtual library services. Taking into account the campus layout system is the norm. The goal is to use the most profitable current and future. The look of the building is designed to look modern and has intricate graphic lines in the building, but the colors are pleasing to the eye. The design of the rooms is to be more flexible in size, rather than in fixed form. Also, to save time and money on construction work. Overview of the project material creates a modern style that is derived from cost-effective and straightforward behavior. Concrete walls are made bare. The same pillars are used, and 80-90 percent of domestic materials are used, as well as domestic audio materials such as acrylic and carpet.

  Although the building has a lot of glass used to fit our home climate. It also designed to open the inner courtyard to provide light to the building. However, the designer has adopted a glass cut off the wall and a sunshade that has the words sunshine to make the building suitable for the time of the weather in Thailand. It is possible to utilize natural light through the windows of the reading area in sufficient time and direction. It can save energy in the day as well. The front of the building has been left open. Using a pond to reduce the hardness of shapes and materials used in concrete, stainless steel and industrial materials. The ground floor is open to a multipurpose courtyard that can connect between the old campus and the expansion to the future. The layout of the building will focus on harmony with the surrounding geography. Routing It is designed to be proportionate. The ground floor can be connected to many different areas (underground museums for exhibitions, school buildings). The passage in the entrance hall will be distributed to various floors. Use the open airway and take a look at the sloping island around the hallway, circling up to the floor (3,4,5 floors), creating a sloping top view to see the structure. Diamonds are brightly shining through. As a diamond on the book, as the symbol of the university to communicate. “Knowledge of the good” is a symbolic expression through architecture, which can be viewed through the central spherical atrium in a position that reflects the main utility and shape of the box. The book is knowledge. And the success is reflected in the way nature infiltrates the building. Light and green views can be seen from different areas. It connects internal and external together. The basement was built as a museum of Bangkok University. Show many cultural values. 1.2. It is clearly defined as a public space. BU Lounge, BU Cyber Cafe (Internet Service), Garden (Indoor), Activity, and Voice. office Conference room and movie theater 80 seats. With modern technology, there are two parts to the Internet. Go with the lecture The 4th and 5th floors are the perfect mix between the use of traditional bookshops and the library of new technologies. There are also photos of the exhibition. “Bangkok Fade … Surat’s work Osmanthus On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Bangkok University, “the exhibition presents a beautiful holistic view across all areas of the building.

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